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As a service to our young participants and young researchers worldwide, we will post here any job opening announcements sent to us which are in the areas of high energy physics and cosmology.

  • 180718: Postdocs, Junior Leader “la Caixa”, IFIC
  • 180717: Research Associates, U Hamburg
  • 180615: Postdoc position, Würzburg
  • 180515: Permanent research positions, CERN-TH
  • 180512: Postdoc, Scattering Amplitudes and High Energy Precision Physics, U Padua
  • 180512: Researcher C, experimental high energy, NCSR Demokritos, Athens
  • 180504: Ph.D. position, string theory and non comm geometry, Rudjer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  • 180503: Ph.D. positions, strings, Queen Mary, U London
  • 180501: Ph.D. positions, theoretical particle physics, IMPRS EPP
  • 180430: Ph.D. positions, computational, STIMULATE
  • 180419: Ph.D. position, ANTARES and KM3NeT, IFIC
  • 180406: Ph.D. positions, U. Muenster
  • 180331: Associate Professor position, theory, U. Crete
  • 180320: Ph.D. fellowships, pheno, Milan U.
  • 180318: Lecturer theoretical cosmology, Lancaster U.
  • 180313: Ph.D. position, Uppsala U.
  • 180312: 15 Ph.D. positions, U. Turin
  • 180303: Ph.D. positions, ITN "Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment"
  • 180120: Postdoc junior fellows, HKUST Jockey Club Inst. for Advanced Study
  • 180120: Ph.D. positions, ATLAS, U. Birmingham
  • 180120: Ph.D. positions, U. Milan