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It was not possible to include all foods with their variations in a Web page. On the "Nutrition - Food Contents" we have chosen those foods which are representative of a wide variety of food categories.

But the gaps are always great. Many foods do not appear in the page "Nutrition - Food Contents". A more complete list is given in the two Excel files which can be downloaded here:

The contents of the first Excel file are identical to our page "Nutrition - Food Contents". With this you can do exactly what you can do in our page, i.e. to calculate your Total Intake of nutrients in your diet.

The second Excel file contains about 3.5 thousand records of food and foods with vitamins and minerals in them. For reasons of economy (file size) we omit the columns for "water", "calories", "fat" and "carbohydrates" contents, which are usually given on the food package.

By downloading these two files you can create your own personal Nutrition file, by adding data from the second to the first file. 


first Excel file
second Excel file

Nutrition photo

Last Update: 6 December, 2010
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