Computational Physics - A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing

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Hoping that this book will be useful to you as a student or as an instructor, I would like to ask you to take some time to:

  • send me feedback for improving it and/or correcting it
  • send me corrections of serious/minor errors and/or suggestions in order to improve the english of the text
  • write a review or your opinion about the book, especially if you are an expert
  • let me know where, when and how you use the book in the course you teach/attend.
  • help me build an additional material page. It may consist, e.g. of additional problems that you gave to your students/given by your instructor, or essays complementing the material presented in the book. Everything will be fully acknowledged and licensed under a CC license.
I love fan mail, so please send me some. Let me know if I can publish your opinion, anonymously or not, or just use it for my personal ego-boost. Well, nothing is given for free: As one of my friends says, some people are payed in dollars and some others in ego-dollars!

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