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One of the most successful theory describing cosmic objects, their interactions and their time evolution, is the Einstein’s theory of Gravity. One of the main prediction of the Gravity theory is the existence of Gravitational Waves (GW), the ripples of space-time. The discovery of a binary pulsar whose orbital period changes in accordance with the predicted GW emission, verified the predictions of the Einstein’s theory and opened up an intensive activity of understanding all aspects of the GWs and the implications of this discovery to alternative theories of Gravities and to other branches of Physics, like Cosmology, Astrophysics and Astronomy.  

The aim of the 10th Aegean Summer School is to discuss the recent developments in Theory and Observations in Gravity and Cosmology. In particular:
Τhe Gravity theory and its modifications, like scalar-tensor theories and their constraints from the propagation of the GWs will be discussed. Also the physics of black holes, their formation, their stability and their connection to astrophysical objects. Models of dark matter-dark energy will be presented and their possible
detection.  Also, recent astrophysical and cosmological observationαl results like BAO and the 21-cm effect will also be discussed. There will be extensive discussions on the future of GW and multi-messenger physics on ground and in space presenting the LIGO, VIRGO, LISA, TIANQIN experiments and discussions on Atomic Clocks and Machine Learning.  

The Aegean School is mainly addressed to postgraduate students and young researchers aiming at introducing them to these very challenging topics that recently have attracted much interest. Those graduate and postgraduate students interested in attending the school are requested to send a short CV and to the School's Secretaries.

The 10th Aegean Summer School will take place in Ermoupolis in the island of Syros. The housing will be in the town of Ermoupolis in hotels which soon will appear in the Travel and Accommodation link.

Τhe Municipality of Syros kindly offered to the Organizing Committee of the 10th Aegean Summer School the Lecture Hall "Ιωάννη Ρίτσου" in the Cultural Center of Ermoupolis where the lectures will be given.

The 10th Aegean Summer School is organized and sponsored by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, the University of Groningen, Denmark, the University Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, the University of Tuebingen, Germany, the University of  Yangzhou, China, the University of Wuhan, China and the European Gravitational Observatory, EGO


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