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The  topic of the Fifth  Aegean Summer School is the AdS/CFT correspondence. The main objective of the School is to bring together Physicists from different fields of Theoretical Physics like String Theory, Quantum Field  Theory, Gravity and Condensed Matter  and in a relaxed and stimulated atmosphere discuss the nature and the properties of this magnificent duality principle which allows us to study  strong coupled phenomena in quantum field  theory using results from a weak coupled gravity background. It is also aimed at introducing postgraduate students and young researchers to this very challenging issue that recently has attracted much interest.

Various aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence will be discussed: Holographic QCD, Holographic Renormalization,  AdS/CFT and Hydrodynamics,  Fluid Dynamics from Gravity, Gauge/Gravity Correspondence and Quark-Gluon Plasma,  AdS/CFT Correspondence in Condensed Matter. The  invited speakers include:  Argyres, Erdmenger, Horowitz, Hubeny, Janik, Kiritsis, Sachdev, Skenderis,  Starinets, Yarom.

The school will take place in the Milos Conference Centre “George Iliopoulos” after a grant made available to us from "S&B Industrial Minerals S.A." . The Iliopoulos Conference Centre  is in a walking distance from Adamas.

The morning sessions will consist of mainly review talks on major topics of the field, while in the afternoon sessions short talks will be given on current research topics. Those graduate and postgraduate students interested in attending the school are requested to send a short CV and one recommendation letter to the School's Secretary Ms. Fani Siatra, email: aegean09.sec"AT"gmail.com. Financial support will be provided for a limited number of accepted applicants.

The School is organized by the Physics Department of the National Technical University of Athens, and it is sponsored by the  University of Tennessee, Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation,General Secretariat of Aegean and Islands Policy and Springer Lecture Notes in Physics.



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