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This network brings together the major European theoretical physics groups investigating the fundamental physics which shaped our Universe. The purpose of the annual school is to provide training for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the exciting interdisciplinary field of particle cosmology. The training will cover the whole spectrum of current research, ranging from the genesis of matter and radiation, dark matter and dark energy, to fundamental questions about the nature of space-time and of the Big Bang itself.

The topics to be covered include: the Standard Model and beyond, string theory and the landscape, cosmic microwave background anisotropies, large-scale structure formation, dark matter detection, dark energy models, brane-world gravity, inflation and density perturbations, neutrino physics and cosmology, high energy cosmic radiation.

Monday through to Friday, the morning sessions will consist of lectures and discussion, while in the afternoons short talks will be given on current research topics (except on Wednesday when we have an excursion). On Saturday morning there will be the annual business meeting of the network open to network members only.

All members of "UniverseNet" who wish to attend may do so with the approval of the Scientist-in-Charge of their team - please fill in the web registration form as soon as possible to secure accommodation. We also welcome other researchers who wish to attend the school - there will be no registration charge. Graduate students who do not belong to the network are requested to arrange for a recommendation letter to be emailed to the School's Secretary Ms. Fani Siatra, email: fansia @ central . ntua . gr.





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