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The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration between experienced researchers in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics. During the meetings the Institute organises a series of general interest talks for the public as well as other outreach events.

The scientific coordinator of these events is Professor N. D. Tracas

These events are a tradition in the Corfu Summer Intitute activities and have become quite popular. These include popular talks by renowned scientists (e.g. L. Brink, J. Iliopoulos, M. Paschos), master classes and general talks by several world experts in their field. See for example the program of the events in

Master classes have been organized in Corfu since 2014 and consist of advanced classes in Particle Physics for High School Students. Lectures are given by active scientists in the field and students perform measurements on real data from particle physics experiments. When done, students join in a video conference for discussion and combination of their results.

Some links for students and educators interesting to learn more about Elementary Particle Physics are :

Some links in greek language are :