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The Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement Conference
"CPOD 2018"
September 24 - 28, 2018
Under the Auspices of the: 
  European Institute for Sciences and their Applications (EISA)
  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)
  National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
  Municipality of Corfu
  The “CPOD2018: Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement” Conference, 12th in the series, will take place September 24-28, 2018, at Mon-Repos, Corfu Island, Greece. The European Institute for Sciences and their Applications (EISA), the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and the National and Technical University of Athens (NTUA) will co-host this international event. The purpose of the CPOD conference series is to discuss theoretical and experimental progress in studies of the QCD phase diagram and the properties of strongly interacting matter.
Scientific Topics: 
.Deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration .Lattice QCD matter
.Critical point of strongly interacting matter .New results from SIS, SPS, RHIC and LHC
.Strongly interacting matter in the crossover regime .Novel experimental techniques
.Hadronization and chemical freeze-out .Future facilities and experiments beyond 2020
.Dynamical phenomena in QCD matter  
Invited Talks: 
MAGIC role of the EoS and the phase structure of dense baryon Matter in Astrophysics, Gravitation H. Stöcker (Darmstadt,GSI)
QCD phase diagram from lattice QCD S. Mukherjee (Brookhaven Natl. Lab.)
Fluid dynamical phenomena in QGP and its recent experimental signatures L. Csernai (Bergen U.)
Identified Particle Fluctuations from ALICE at the CERN LHC A. Rustamov (NNRC, Baku)
Prospects for the study of baryon-rich matter at new facilities V. Friese (Darmstadt, GSI)
Studies of baryonic matter in BM@N experiment at Nuclotron M. Kapishin (Dubna, JINR)
New results on spectra and fluctuations from NA61 K. Grebieszkow (Warsaw U. Tech.)
Decoding the Phase structure of QCD at high μB with HADES T. Galatyuk (Darmstadt, T.U. - GSI)
BES I results and plans for BES II G. Odyniec (LBNL, STAR)
Lattice-based QCD equation of state with a critical point C. Ratti (Houston U.)
Experimental Summary: Aspects of CPOD S. Kowalski (Silesia U.)
Theoretical Summary: Perspectives and Comments L. McLerran (Washington U.)

The programme of the conference will also include selected contributing talks.
Organizing Committee:
K.N. Anagnostopoulos (NTUA), N.G. Antoniou (Co-chair, NKUA), N. Davis (IFJ PAN, NKUA), F.K. Diakonos (NKUA), A.S. Kapoyannis (NKUA), A.D. Panagiotou (Co-chair, NKUA), A. Tsapalis (HNA), G. Zoupanos (NTUA).
International Advisory Committee:
F. Becattini (Florence), D. Blaschke (Wroclaw), H. Caines (Yale), M. Gazdzicki (Frankfurt, Kielce), H. Hamagaki (Nagasaki), F. Karsch (BNL, Bielefeld), R. Lacey (Stony Brook), L. McLerran (INT), S. Mukherjee (BNL), K. Rajagopal (MIT), J. Randrup (LBNL), P. Senger (GSI), P. Seyboth (Kielce), E. Shuryak (Stony Brook), A. Sorin (JINR), M. Stephanov (UIC), J. Stroth (Frankfurt), L. Turko (Wroclaw), N. Xu (LBNL, CCNU), D. Zhou (CCNU)
Registered Participants Click here for list
Important Dates March 15: Registration and opening for abstract submission.
June 30: Deadline for abstract submission and student support applications.
July 15: Abstract acceptance notification.
July 30: Deadline for reduced registration fee (250€). Fee increases to 300€. September 23: Registration.
September 24: First day of Conference events.
September 29: Departure day.
Download the 1st circular and the 2nd circular.
Detailed programme: available here.
Abstracts of talks: available here.
Presentation material: presentation material
Previous Meetings
Meeting Location Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece (google map ofthe area, geo:39.606101,19.926115)
Registration Fee The registration fee is 250€ and will be mainly used for the support of participation of young researchers. The fee is waived if the lowcost package is chosen. Payments must be transferred to the NTUA bank account shown in this form and the receipt emailed to Mrs Ifigeneia Moraiti.