School on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach


J.M. Carmona, G. Djordjevic, C-P de los Heros, A. di Matteo, G. Gubitosi, N. Mavromatos, F. Mercati, C. Pfeifer, E. Saridakis, T. Terzić

José Ignacio Illana - Quantum field theory and the structure of the SM
Tommaso Dorigo - Statistics
Renate Loll - Introduction to fundamental concepts in quantum gravity
Gianluca Calcagni - Cosmology
Maurizio Spurio - Astrophysical sources and acceleration mechanisms
Elisa Prandini - High-energy photons: propagation and detection
Denise Boncioli - Cosmic rays: propagation and detection
Mariam Tórtola - Neutrino physics
Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman - Doubly special relativity and relative locality

The goal of the school is to start training a generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary expertise on quantum gravity theories and models and on experimental and theoretical approaches to multi-messenger astroparticle physics. As such, the different editions of the Training School will offer lectures from experts on different facets of the scientific gear the students will acquire, including data analysis and interpretation for individual sources, the creation and analysis of joint datasets of different cosmic messengers, the interplay between quantum gravity theory modeling and phenomenological predictions.

The school is aimed at Master and PhD students, as well as early-career postdocs.

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Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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