Workshop on Quantum Gravity and Fundamental Interactions


The main objective of the Conference is the understanding of the quantum nature of fundamental interactions at very high-energy energy scales and their implications for Particle Physics and Cosmology. For this purpose, we intend to bring together world experts in String Theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Non-commutative geometry and Matrix Models for a three days conference. During the conference, particle physics string models, low-energy supersymmetry, grand unified models, other beyond the standard model physics scenarios and non-commutative geometry field theory and gravity constructions and specific matrix models will be investigated from the viewpoint of their emergence from a quantum gravity framework and of their implications in Particle Physics and Cosmology.

C. Angelantonj, C. Bachas, E. Dudas, A. Kehagias, D. Lüst, H. Nicolai, P. Vitale, G. Zoupanos.

L. Alvarez-Gaumé, K.N. Anagnostopoulos, C. Angelantonj, P. Aschieri, C. Bachas, M. Buric, E. Dudas, G. Dvali, A. Hebecker, I. Iliopoulos, A. Kehagias, C. Kounnas, D. Luest, V. Mukhanov, H. Nicolai, H. P. Nilles, P. Schupp, R. Szabo, S. Theisen, P. Vitale, C. Wetterich, G. Zoupanos.

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  • Sep 17: Arrival/Registration day.
  • Sep 21: Departure date.
  • Detailed Programme: TBA

Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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