Workshop on Neutrino CP-violation and the European Spallation Source Neutrino Super Beam


M. Dracos, T. Ekelof, G. Fanourakis, T. Ohlsson, M.N. Rebelo


One of the Sakharov conditions to explain matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe is CP violation. The already CP violation observed in the hadronic sector is by orders of magnitude not enough to explain this asymmetry.

According to the already measured neutrino oscillation parameters, the observation of CP violation in the leptonic sector, under certain assumptions, could explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry. In order to observe CP violation using neutrinos, next generation experiments are needed using very intense neutrino beams. One of these projects is ESSnuSB proposing to perform this observation using the second neutrino oscillation maximum, more sensitive to this measurement and less affected by systematic errors.

This workshop will be devoted to CP violation in the leptonic sector and the implication on matter-antimatter asymmetry. Many theoretical models exist making the link between leptogenesis and baryogenesis, predicting the value of the CP violating phase of δCP. A possible measurement of this parameter, the required accuracy and the effect on these models will also be discussed.

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Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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