Workshop on Stochasticity and Scales. Experiments, Models and Simulation


M. Avlonitis, K. Kalaitzidou, G. Voulgaris, G. Zoupanos


Traditional approaches to modeling dynamic systems focus on interactions taking place only in one scale. On the other hand recent methodologies for addressing evolution of complex systems emphasize the need to bridge scales by means of dynamic interactions switching their correlation length from one scale to another. As a result traditional evolution equations of classical dynamic systems, most of the time obtained empirically based on simple ideas such as linearization or symmetry properties, extending to complex systems facing unbeatable difficulties. The scope of the present workshop is to study the origin and limits of recent multi-scale modeling methodologies via specific case studies: how different evolution laws are affected by the presence of stochasticity and system size. It is expected that a systematic discussion about the application and corresponding limits of multi-scale modeling will be launched giving new insight in addressing evolution of complex dynamic systems.

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Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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