Workshop on Celestial Amplitudes and Flat Space Holography


A. Bissi, A. Fotopoulos, A. Puhm, S. Stieberger


  • ▪ Celestial amplitudes and their relation to soft theorems
  • ▪ Manifestations of modern amplitude relations and structures in celestial amplitudes
  • ▪ Celestial amplitudes and their impact or footprints on the celestial sphere dynamics and vice versa
  • ▪ Holographic aspects of scattering amplitudes including asymptotic symmetries and their relation to 2D CFT

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts from these different communities to discuss various aspects of celestial amplitudes, manifestations of modern amplitude structures in celestial amplitudes, the application of bootstrap methods to celestial CFT correlators, the relation between asymptotic symmetries and soft theorems in gauge theory and string theory, and flat space holography.

  • Registered Participants: TBA
  • Aug 29: Arrival/Registration day.
  • Sep 05: Departure date.
  • Detailed Programme: TBA

Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
(click here for a larger map, for a menu click on the top left icon of the map, GPS: geo:39.606101,19.926115)

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The registration fee is 200€. For young researchers it is 130€.