Conference on Recent Developments in Strings and Gravity


C. Angelantonj, A. Chatzistavrakidis, A. Kehagias, D. Lüst, H. Partouche, M. Petropoulos.

P. Anastasopoulos (U Wien) D. Giataganas (NKU Athens) T. Petkou (AU Thessaloniki)
D. Anninos (King’s College) A. Gnecchi (CERN) F. Pezzella (INFN - Naples)
C. Bachas (LPENS, Paris) G. Karananas (LMU Munich) S. Reffert (U Bern, AEC)
G. Bossard (Ecole Polyt) A. Kehagias (NTU Athens) I. Rizos (U Ioannina)
C. Charmousis (LPT Orsay ) S. Krippendorf (LMU Munich) F. Ruehle (CERN)
L. Ciambelli (Ecole Polyt) U. Lindstrom (Uppsala U) J. Russo (ICREA - U Barcelona)
N. Cribiori (TU Wien) S. Luest (CPHT & Saclay) K. Sfetsos (NKU Athens)
S. Detournay (Brussels U) E. Malek (MPI Postdam) K. Siampos (CERN)
A. Faraggi (U Liverpool) H.B. Nielsen (Niels Bohr Inst) C. Toldo (Ecole Polyt)
F. Farakos (KU Leuven) R. Olea (Andres Bello Nat U) D. Tsimpis (IPN Lyon)
I. Florakis (U Ioannina) S. Parameswaran (Liverpool U) T. Van Riet (KU Leuven)
F. Gautason (KU Leuven) H. Partouche (Ecole Polyt - CNRS)  
D. Ghilencea (IFIN-HH Bucharest) G. Patellis (NTU Athens)  

Conference speakers will also be selected among the participating young scientists

Supersymmetric Field Theories, Supergravity, Superstrings, AdS/CFT Correspondence and Applications, Integrability in Gauge and String Theories, Higher Spins, Generalized Geometry, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, CFT and Applications, String Landscape and Swampland, String Cosmology.

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Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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