Humboldt Kolleg Frontiers in Physics:
From the Electroweak to the Planck Scales


The main objective of the Conference is the understanding of the quantum nature of fundamental interactions at very high-energy energy scales and their implications for Particle Physics and Cosmology. For this purpose, we intend to bring together world experts in String Theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Non-commutative geometry and Matrix Models for a three days conference. During the conference, particle physics string models, low-energy supersymmetry, grand unified models, other beyond the standard model physics scenarios and non-commutative geometry field theory and gravity constructions and specific matrix models will be investigated from the viewpoint of their emergence from a quantum gravity framework and of their implications in Particle Physics and Cosmology.

C. Bachas, E. Dudas, N. Irges, V. Kazakov, D. Lüst, P. Vitale, G. Zoupanos.

C. Angelantonj (U Torino) B. Ovrut (U Pennsylvania)
G. Barnich (U Libre Bruxelles) S. Penati (Milano Bicocca)
D. Benedetti (LPT Orsay) M. Petropoulos (Ecole Polyt, Palaiseau)
J. Bengeloun (Paris XIII) A. Platania (U Heidelberg)
E. Bergshoeff (U Groningen) E. Plauschinn (LMU Munich)
R. Blumenhagen (LMU Munich) G. Savvidy (NCSR Demokritos)
T. Coudarchet (Ecole Polyt, CPHT) P. Schupp (Jacobs U)
B. De Wit (Utrecht U) G. Semenoff (U British Columbia)
A. Hanany (Imperial College London) A. Sitarz (Jagellonian U)
L. Jonke (Rudjer Boskovic Inst) E. Skvortsov (Albert Einstein Inst)
H. Kawai (Kyoto U) D. Sorokin (Padova U)
A. Kehagias (NTUA) H. Steinacker (U Wien)
J. Kim (Seoul U) K. Stelle (Imperial College)
K. Krasnov (Nottingham U) I. Todorov (INRNE Sofia)
V. Kupriyanov (U ABC Sao Paulo) L. Traina (UMONS)
R. Loll (Nijemegen U) J. Vergados (Ioannina U)
D. Lust (LMU & MPI Munich) C. Wetterich (U Heidelberg)
S. Myungbo (Kyung Hee U) R. Zhu (Dublin IAS)
D. Oriti (LMU Munich)  

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Mon-Repos, Corfu, Greece
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